AcadémieS² is a programme created by the Orchestre National de Lille and Les Siècles for young musicians from France, Benelux, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. These two renowned orchestras wish to offer them the opportunity to join, for one season (2023-2024), a pedagogical and professional training course within these two different phalanges. AcadémieS²  is open to young people of a very high level, between the ages of 18 and 27 (as of January the 1st of 2023) and of all nationalities, whether they are at the end of their musical studies in a higher education establishment or have recently graduated.

The Orchestre National de Lille and Les Siècles affirm their desire to offer academics experiences in two complementary environments.

On the one hand, the Orchestre National de Lille and its musical director Alexandre Bloch affirm, on modern instruments, their roots in the music of the 20th and 21st centuries without forgetting the great classical and romantic repertoire.  With its 100 permanent musicians, the Orchestre National de Lille works and plays in the magnificent setting of the Nouveau Siècle Auditorium in Lille as well as throughout the Hauts-de-France region and abroad.

On the other hand, Les Siècles and its musical director François-Xavier Roth bring together musicians of a new generation, playing each repertoire on the appropriate historical instruments. Les Siècles is the only ensemble of its kind in the world and puts several centuries of musical creation into perspective in a relevant and unexpected way.

AcadémieS² thus brings together two distinct symphonic environments and models with a common goal: to prepare young professionals for stylistic and technical versatility, with an opportunity to play on modern and period instruments.

The AcadémieS² project offers to those selected :

  • To join the two symphonic phalanges for several orchestral series
  • Remuneration according to the scales in force in each of the ensembles
  • Personalized accompaniment of the young academicians by musicians from the two institutions
  • Free access to concerts by the ONL and Les Siècles throughout the season
  • To perform a chamber music concert with fellow academicians
  • To participate in preventive sessions on the health of the orchestral musician in the long term.

A great opportunity for these future professional artists!

Interested? Join us!