Alex Nante


Born in Buenos Aires in 1992, Alex Nante is one of the most acclaimed Latin American composers of his generation.
In his works, which range from solo pieces to orchestral works, there is a nocturnal, dreamlike atmosphere on the one hand, and on the other, an attempt to enter a spiritual realm. The influence of Eastern and Western mystical poetry is particularly present in his compositions. A graduate of the Paris Conservatoire (with prizes for composition and analysis), he is currently doing a doctorate at King's College London. As well as composing, Alex Nante has studied classical guitar and piano and works as a conductor.
His compositions have been presented at music festivals and concert halls throughout Europe, and performed by numerous ensembles in France, Switzerland, Argentina and Hungary.

Alex Nante's works have won numerous awards and prizes, including four first prizes for orchestral composition. He has also composed film music.