Let’s play together!

These workshops are especially designed for disabled audiences. Facilitated by the art therapist, Carole Stora, they are a chance for the participants and the Orchestra to share a wonderful experience.

Duration: 3h /Price: 216 € per session for a maximum group of 15 people.
Pre-booking required.

Date to be agreed together

The Orchestral Spring

Small musical ensembles from the ONL’s ranks deliver quality music-making and presentations of their instruments in health and social care centres as part of a musical outreach programme tailored to specific audiences.


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Avenues to Discovery

Discount concert tickets, open rehearsals, and awareness and discussion sessions are some of the discovery options the ONL offers to beneficiaries of health and social care services.

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A Concert to Share

The Orchestra has been offering the beneficiaries of health and social care services a free end-of-year concert since 1999, an apt symbol of the ONL’s commitment to sharing music with varied audiences.

Monday 19 December 6pm

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Hospital Concert

For the fifth consecutive season, the ONL is participating in the Les remèdes de l’âme (Healing the Soul) initiative run by the Phénix Theatre and the Valenciennes General Hospital by giving a concert on the hospital’s premises.

Friday 19 May 3pm

Prison Concert

The ONL’s deep commitment to the inclusion of diverse audiences has given rise to regular concerts in prisons located in the Lille area, providing opportunities to share emotions generated by music.

Information about specific audience initiatives:
Marie Chiozzotto