François Bou Managing Director
Delphine Bon PA to the Managing Director

Jean-Paul Lelandais Administrator

Thierry Verdru Chief Financial Officer
Sébastien Francin Accountant
Béryl Ertaud Human Resources Assistant

Fabio Sinacori Director of Concerts and Artistic planning
Virginie Groll Artistic Project Manager

Ghislain Abraham Broadcasting Manager

Blandine Lespinasse Head of Marketing and Public Relations
Charlotte De Visscher Public Relations and Partnerships Manager
Marie Chiozzotto Cultural Activities and Audience Development Officer
Aude Leclerc Education Officer
Nicolas Foulon Media and Press Officer
Manon Cunier Communications Officer
Elsa Spiers Digital Communications Officer
Ugo Ponte Photographer – Musician Reception Officer
Christelle Péramato Reception – Head of Box Office
Sarah Drusin Reception – Box Office Assistant - Secretary
Chloé Benoit Reception – Box Office Assistant

Fabrice Deroo Stage Manager
Pierre Jelocha Deputy Stage Manager
Stéphane Évrard Chief Technician
Timothée Dujardin Librarian
Nicolas Bury Stage Management Secretary
David Klopocki Technician
Pascal Naguilou Technician
Sylvain Tortel Technician
Jean-Sébastien Wattez Technician
Nathalie Thieffry Maintenance – Musician Reception Officer

Laura Rocq. Head of Development, Sponsorship and Corporate Public Relations

Ingra Sõerd Coordinator of the prefiguration of the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra and the Social Utility Pedagogical Orchestra

Writer/Collaborator for the ONL brochure
Laurent Vilarem

* Dated 14 February 2022

The ONL thanks all the employees on fixed-term performance-sector contracts and the team at the Nouveau Siècle who support us each season.

In accordance with the provisions of the Avenir law aimed at eliminating pay gaps between women and men,
the Orchestre National de Lille is publishing its gender equality index for the year 2022.

The Orchestre National de Lille obtains a score of 94/100.

This result, significantly above the minimum of 75 points required, bears witness to its long-standing commitment to professional equality between women and men.

The gender equality index is calculated according to 4 criteria based on our overall workforce:

The gender pay gap;
The difference in the rate of individual increases between women and men;
The salary support for women returning from maternity leave;
The representation of women among the 10 highest earners.